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Cabinet application?

Total rack space required for equipment?

Cabinet mounting options?

Swing out rack?

Rear access required?

Cabinet depth required?

Environmental controls?

Is equipment hardened?

Maximum equipment temp.

Maximum equipment heat load?

Maximum internal cabinet temp?

Minimum internal cabinet temp?

AC load center (amps)?

AC distribution requirement? (List size & quantity of AC breakers below)

AC surge protection?

Generator connector?

AC convenience outlets?

Rectifier system – 48 VDC?

DC amperage requirement for equipment?

DC distribution requirement? (specify size & quantity of fuses or breakers)

DC Fuses?

DC Breakers?

Battery backup?

Battery cables?

Battery heating pad?

Copper protection cables?

Copper cross connects?

Fiber patch/splice panels?

Alarms? (provide contact closure-specify)

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