Indoor AgileMax® Fiber Distribution Cabinet

• Plug & Play with MPO connectors or direct Splice & Play

• Fully integrated with ARRIS AgileMax Splitters

• Pre-Stubbed with MPO jumpers

• Line power entry module or power adapters and outlets

• Compact form factors with complete equipment access

Product Variants 

10700 Series Cabinet                  


Harmony Series Cabinets     

 - Households passed: up to 256    - Households passed: up to 64
 - Integrated AgileMax® splitters           - Integrated AgileMax® splitters
 - Pre-stubbed with MPO jumpers     - Pre-stubbed with MPO jumpers
 - Removable door and panels for full access    - Pull-out / Swivel equipment rack
 - Reversible front door for left or right swing    - Electrical outlets for wall wart power

Contact Us 

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