Indoor AgileMax® Distribution

SPC Indoor AgileMax Distribution Cabinets address the needs of MDU RFoG deployments where outdoor space is not available. Equipped with ARRIS AgileMax, OBI is eliminated. SPC pre-stubs the cabinet with MPO to SC/APC jumpers making installation quick and efficient through either use of MPO plug & play cables or direct splicing.

  • Integrated with AgileMax® splitters
  • Pre-stubbed with MPO jumpers
  • Plug & cables or direct splicing.
  • Scoped and cleaned to exceed IEC 61300-3-35
  • Plug & Play or Splice & Play

Splice Bay

  • Up to 256 splices per each bay
  • Slide out splice trays for quick access
  • Fiber management spools
  • Bolts onto cabinet in minutes

Cabinet Dimensions

Indoor Cabinet
37.5”H x 27”W x 19”D
Indoor Cabinet with Splice Bay
50”H x 27”W x 19”D
Splice Bay
12.5”H x 23” W x 19”D

Available Options

  • Splice bay for 256 splice connections to jumpers
  • LGX® style passive splitters available: 1×2 to 1×32
  • WDM / PON filters available for integration
  • Fiber jumpers for direct connect to vHub / Transmax
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