Outdoor AgileMax® PON Bridge

RFoG to PON in a Single Cabinet

SPC Outdoor AgileMax PON Bridge Cabinet is the ideal way to transition from the HFC network of today to the PON network of the future. Coming equipped with AgileMax for current RFoG network OBI elimination, it can easily be switched over to a PON network by way of the installed Octal filter. Featuring up to two adjuct bays, it can house a vHub / Transmax for RFoG with room to install a future PON hub.

  • Eliminates OBI and related service calls
  • Bridges RFoG to PON with no additional cabinets
  • Reduces footprint and right of way requirements
  • Splice & Play eliminates end face failures


  • Households passed: Up to 432
  • Integrated with AgileMax® splitters
  • Includes Octal filter for RFoG – PON bridge
  • Pre-stubbed with OSP fiber cable
  • Includes jumpers for vHub / Tansmax
  • Up to two adjunct bays for hub mounting
  • Scoped and cleaned to exceed IEC 61300-3-35

Adjunct Bay

  • Mounting plate compatible with vHub / Transmax
  • Dual doors for increased access
  • Louvered for increased air flow and heat dissapation
  • Angled covers for cable enrty port
  • Available as field mountable kit

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