Harmont 3U Pull-out / Swivel

The SPC Harmony 3U Pull-Out / Swivel cabinet makes use of a side facing equipment rack that can pivot 50 degrees in either direction. This means that you have full access to the front and back of equipment in a cabinet that is only 8” deep. SPC offers options for power and cooling, as well as a full spectrum of fiber and telephony accesories. This versitile cabinet allows growth in any network, even where space is limited
  • Reduces Footprint in limetedspace applications
  • fully customizable to tailor-fit your needs
  • 3RU pull-out / swivel equipment rack
  • Open Source equipment intergration
  • Built to NEMA 3R and IP45 standards


  • Wall / pole mount bracket
  • 3RU 19” EIA equipment rack
  • Fiber splice tray brackets
  • Cable management and strain relief
  • Steel construction and stainless steel hardware – Multiple cable knock-outs

Cabinet Dimensions

  • 29”H x 19”W x 8”D*
    *Cabinet only, 9.4”D with moutning bracket

Intergration Options

  • DIN rail mounted rectifier system
  • Battery string: 48VDC 9AH
  • Filtered fan system
  • Fiber cross connect and distribution pach panels
  • Fiber optics splitters, jumpers, pigtails
  • Copper protection panels

Pull Out / Swivel Rack

  • Lockable in place while in parallel position
  • Rack pulls outwards by 1” before pivoting
  • Pivots to a 50 degree angle in either direction
  • Allows for access to front and rear of equipment

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