Harmony Series AgileMax® Cabinet

The SPC Harmony Series Indoor AgileMax® Cabinet addresses the needs of small scale RFoG deployments where up to 64 customers require service. This compact wall mount cabinet features a pull-out / swivel rack for front and rear access to equipment in a space saving design. Fully integrated, this cabinet only requires a connection to power and is Plug & Play with the MPO patch panel or Splice & Play with the included splice trays. Reduce both install time and OPEX while increasing speed to market with SPC.
  • MPO plug & play or Splice & Play
  • Fully integrated with Arris AgileMax®
  • Pre-stubbed with MPO Jumpers
  • Indoor & outdoor rated
  • Reduce installation time by more than 60%

Cabinet Dimensions

30.5″H x 19.5”W x 10.75”D


  • Eliminates Optical Beat Interference (OBI) from RFoG networks
  • Allows for high capacity FTTH networks that utilize DOCSIS®
  • Full DOCSIS® 3.0 and DOCSIS® 3.1 upstream and downstream
  • Compatible with 1G and 10G EPON wavelengths
  • Compatible with 1550/1610 nm RFoG networks
  • Integrates with existing head end and customer premise equipment

Fully Integrated Design

  • AgileMax pre-connected with MPO jumpers
  • AgileMax power internally connected
  • All end faces cleaned and scoped
  • Quality inspection of each component through
    the production process

Pull-out swivel Equipment rack

  • Lockable in place while in parallel position
  • Rack pulls outwards by 1” before pivoting
  • Pivots to a 50 degree angle in either direction
  • Allows for access to front and rear of equipment
For more information visit ARRIS at http://www.arris.com/solutions/obi-free-rfog/

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