Harmony Edge

The SPC Harmony Edge cabinet is focused on thermal performance. With cooling options that are quickly and easily field swappable, and available heating, install your edge server with the knowledge that it will stay within nominal operating conditions in any environment
  • Interchangeable cooling via removable panel
  • Thermal protection for any enviroment
  • Built to IP 65/IP 55 based on cooling
  • Holds up to two 1RU server universal wall / ploemount bracket

Temperature Control Options

  • 48V DC Fan system with replaceable filters
  • IP 55 – 48V DC Heat exchanger: 25W/oF – IP 65
  • 120V AC Air Conditioner: 2000BTU – IP 65
  • 48V DC Heating pad: 200W

Included Features

  • Terminal block for power distribution
  • Door alarm switch (contact closure)
  • 6FT ground strap and internal grounding
  • Five PG21 cable entry glands
  • Font access door with pad lockable hex latches
  • Side facing wall / pole mounting brackets

Cabinet Dimensions

  •  24″H x 17″W x 8″D*
*Does not include cooling solution or pole/wall mount bracket

Harmony Edge with Air Conditioner

Harmony Edge Heat Exchanger

Harmony Edge with Fan System

Interchangeable side panel

The side panel cooling solution can easily be removed and replaced in the field. The panels are secured with lift-off hinges and hex bolts that are readily accessed when the front door is opened. Once the bolts have been removed, the panel can be opened like a door or lifted off with ease in order to change the cooling solution or service the equipment.

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