No matter what type of network infrastructure you are building, the goal is to provide reliable service to your customers. As your network grows, it is important to partner with someone that takes time to understand your goals and develop solutions that satisfy not only the technical requirements, but also help you achieve your business objectives.

RFoG Solutions

For MSOs building RFoG networks, we understand that Optical Beat Interference (OBI) can cause some major headaches. SPC has worked with customers to develop a fully integrated solution that eliminates OBI to improve network reliability and help improve operational efficiency. Since our products are fully integrated, our Splice & Play cabinets can be installed within a couple hours and are ready to be spliced into the network.
Imagine solving OBI in a single day. We make that a reality.

PON Solutions

We know that every network is built differently. That is why we get to know what your specific needs are and then develop a solution that is right for you. We provide a product that comes integrated with all the components you require and has gone through rigorous quality control measures through every step. In fact, SPC takes our quality practices a step further and scope and clean each fiber optic end face to exceed IEC 61300-3-35.
Our Splice & Play cabinets are tailored to meet your requirements so that you can focus on growth, not part management and cabinet integration.

We take pride in working with you to develop high quality solutions that fit your needs.

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